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Giving people with disability a voice!

Für Menschen, die nur noch wenig Körperkontrolle haben, z.B. durch starke Spastiken oder Erkrankungen wie Parkinson, ist die Verwendung einer gewöhnlichen Bildschirmtastatur sehr strapaziös bis schier unmöglich. Andere Behinderungsformen haben ebenso spezielle Anforderungen, denen gängige Tastaturen nicht gerecht werden. Der Bedarf ist sehr groß, da mit einer starken Bewegungsstörung auch sehr häufig eine Beeinträchtigung des Sprechens einhergeht. Aktuell müssen Betroffene spezielle Kommunikationssoftware zusätzlich beantragen. Leider fehlen uns als noch sehr kleines Unternehmen die Ressourcen, um neue Entwicklungen, die nicht direkt Umsätze generieren, selbst zu finanzieren. Aus diesem Grund bauen wir auf eure Unterstützung und wollen damit erreichen, dass mehr Menschen selbstbestimmt mit ihrer Außenwelt kommunizieren können.

Interacting outside the box!
Gaze control made easy, controllable and convenient.

FourWays Head Control

Mouse control or a substitute for switches through fine to large head movements.

Clicking without waiting. With the FourWays click system.

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FourWays Gaze Control

Sending switch commands through gaze gestures.

Click completeion without gaze fixation. With the new FourWays click system.

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FourWays Clicker

Clicking solely by moving the head or eyes.

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About Us

We are a young company specializing in new technologies for gaze control. Through our technology, we enable the use of computers and other devices through head or eye gestures.

Our goal is to make the operation of smart devices as barrier-free as possible with our solutions, offering an input method that is intuitive, touchless, and speech-free. The gestures for control are easy to execute without fixating or holding the gaze. They can be customized to recognize extremely fine to very large movements as control gestures. Our developed concept ensures a comfortable method of operation in situations where hands cannot be used for input.

Our customers include individuals with physical disabilities who already benefit from our solutions for computer or communicator input. We have experience in accompanying reimbursement requests from health insurance providers and are happy to provide guidance on the process. Feel free to reach out to us.

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Easily control everything on your device with just a glance.


Gaze-based system


Compatible design


Individually adaptable


What once started as a consideration evolved into a sophisticated system design. It is the core of our technology and a component of every newly developed application. In 2016, the fundamental idea and our team were honored with the Be.Project Award. In the international competition, our innovation stood out among other teams from Austria and Switzerland, and we were crowned the winners.

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Following official registration and incorporation, we initiated extensive research and development efforts, shaping the foundation of our technology today.



Qualification for Start-up BW PreSeed and support from the state of Baden-Württemberg and the city of Mannheim.


Introduction of FourWays input aid

We have introduced our first product for the assistive technology market.


Inclusion in DATEurope

Treye Tech has become a member of The European Industry Association for Digital Assistive Technology.


Treye Tech is characterized by a team with diverse expertise from various fields. We bring together experiences from software development, project and innovation management, as well as areas like controlling and investment planning.

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  • University of Mannheim Graduate (M.Sc. in Business Informatics and currently pursuing a Ph.D. with a focus on ``Eye-Based Control of Mobile Devices.``)

    Anton Wachner
  • M.Sc. in Computational Visualistics, responsible for software development and system integration.

    Sophia Kramer
  • Stanislaus Kloster
    Management Assistant
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