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About us

Technology’s main purpose is to help make living live more convenient and enjoyable. Treye Tech is a young IT start-up company which is specialized in designing, developing and implementing solutions for the touch-less interaction with mobile devices. In the process we use eye-tracking and face detection techniques to develop hands-free and voiceless input methods. Our proven concept of the four-directional navigation is tailored for the usage of mobile apps on smartphones and tablets. Despite that the concept is very flexible and applicable in diverse scenarios and operating environments.
It is about time to free yourself from touch, your hands have more important things to do.

What once began just as an idea, turned into a full-fledged system design. It is now the core of our technology and a main component of all our newly developed applications. In 2016 the underlying idea and our team were granted the Be. Project Award at a pitching event in Berlin. In the international competition with teams from Germany, Austria and Switzerland our innovation could impress the jury and the team was distinguished as the winner of the campaign.
  • 'I can play the guitar and turn the notes at the same time'
Our Goal

…is to improve accessibility and ease the handling with modern hardware via innovative technology, so that it can be used from anyone and everywhere.
Be Mobile!

Our solutions are designed device-independently and are made to perform using only the functionality of the front inbuilt camera, so that no special hardware is needed.
Fixed Workplaces

We continuously work on comprehensive solutions in order to further develop our system and make it suitable for PC applications as well.

Our Team

Treye Tech's team stands out with diverse domain expertise. We bring along experience from the fields software development and electrical engineering. Backing up our technical background with knowledge from the project and innovation management, as well as the sectors controlling and investment planning.
Ph.D. candidate at the University of Mannheim, Chair of Information Systems II. Research focus: Eye-based control for mobile devices
Anton Wachner
Business Administration graduate from HWR Berlin
Felix Hirsch
Sales Manager

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